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  Please read the following instructions before starting:


1. Website Requirements
One of the following browsers can be used:
* Internet Explorer Versions 8-11
* Firefox version 16-26 --- Note you will not be able to print the full audit
* Google Chrome
* Safari
Please check your browser version before proceeding.


NOTE: For Internet Explorer 11 users make sure that the site has been added to compatibility mode. Click here for instructions on setting compatability mode.

NOTE:For printing of the forms, We do not recommend FireFox.

To print forms please use a right mouse click and then choose print.


2. For security reasons, your session will automatically time out after
  1 hour of inactivity. Please use the SAVE button at the top
  of the screen regularly to avoid losing data.


3. If you need to stop please hit the SAVE button at the top of the screen
  before you quit. You can start your session again at a later time and it will
  allow you to continue to work on the form.
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